Autometer Transmission temp gauge problem.

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by Hometheaterman, Oct 16, 2008.

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    Normal operating temp (the temp at which you should also check the fluid level) is in the range of 180-195 F. Anything over 210 F should start to make you take some notice in my opinion, but not really in any danger area yet, just be vigilant. I wouldn't worry about changing your fluids unless you see temps over about 240 for an extended period. According to the Chrysler service manual, the trans temp light (which is the manufactureres way of warning you that your trans temps are getting too hot) doesn't even illuminated until 275 F.


    -The PCM prevents engagement of the converter clutch and overdrive clutch when fluid temperature is below approximately 50 F.

    -If fluid temperature exceeds 260 F, the PCM causes a 4-3 downshift and engages the converter clutch. It will also illuminate the overdrive Off light and prevent you from going back into fourth (overdrive) until temps get below 260 F.