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Aussie Locker

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I was wanting opinions on the Aussie Locker. I am a poor white kid wanting a pretty cheap way to lock my rear axle(D35). The Aussie seems to be one of best priced. I just dont want to buy a locker that will turn out to be junk. So if anyone has one of these in their Jeep or knows anything about these please give me some input.
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Is it for a trail rig? You could just weld the spiders. That would be alot cheaper...

--Hardy :D:
hey im a poor white kid with a YJ too. just how cheap are those Aussie lockers? oh and my rig is a DD so im not gonna get crazy with a welder
I cant weld a Dana 35. They are way to weak. Its a daily driver, and I would like to sell the axles before to long. The Aussies cost about 229 a piece.
Sorry if this is bringing an old topic up, but I see that it never got answered.

I have aussielockers front and rear in my Jeep and they do great. It takes some time to get used to the locker in the rear. I still chirp tires and stuff.
What do you mean you chirp tires? Does it drag them around corners? I dont want something that will eat up my rear tires.
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