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attn police officers

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could someone fill me in here, I got a ticket today for speeding and illegally tinted windows. The cop wasn't very nice about it but that is a different story. Anyways, i have to appear in court for this, and on my ticket he wrote my court date down as january 4 of 2005. I heard somewhere, that if they mess somthing up on the ticket it is void? Do i call my district court or is my ticket void and i dont have to worry about it? thanks

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i'm curious how you could get in trouble for not showing up.
No thats the whole thing, i got it today, but he messed up and wrote it for 05. My court date will technecially be for next year, because in january it will be 06.
Remember to roll'em down when getting pulled over :bigthumb:
Tried that, he made me roll them back up to test them! :twak: Does anyone have any ideas about my ticket? is it void? do i have to show up in court because the year isn't right? Come on i know there are some officers of the law on here? :wall:
I don't believe you can get out of it because of an error like that. Call a lawyer, most will give you quick advise like that for free over the phone.
I honoestly don't think you'll beat the ticket just because he got the year wrong, but who knows, stranger things have happened. I do know that in Michigan you are allowed tinted windows if you have a note from your doctor or family physician stating you are photosensitive (eyes sensitive to bright light) and require them for safe driving. That's how I get away with mine. My doctor had no problem writing it and I keep a copy in each car. Since you already have the ticket you'll still have to show up for court and show it to the judge, but it should suffice to alleviate that part of the fine if that law applies in your state. Worth looking into, anyway.
Heck if you tried hard enough you could probably get that dismissed. You might want a lawyer though. If the prosecutor or judge hear it from you they'll have less chance of dismissing it. Lawyers can always make little loopholes like that work, but for a price.
It’s not going to work man, something that small will not get the ticket thrown out. You better show up or at lest get a lawyer. If you or some one representing you does not show up to court a bench warrant will be drawn against you, and that’s not good. But that’s only how we roll in this county im not shore about your county .
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when i got my speeding ticket, the cop didn't even ask for my registration and when i handed him my learner's he kinda look at it weird, i was like that my learner's, then he walk back to his car, wasted 15 mintues of my time, and gave me a ticket for 69 in a 55, so a couple days later when i got home, i got 2 letters from lawyers, there were link with north carolina's courts, so i drove back down to N.C. for my court date(4 hours down there) and there wasn't a judge or anything, it was just a room full of people and 2 ladies siting at a table, and i walk up there and ask her if she could reduce it, she said sure, you will still have to pay the fine ($125) but i'll reduce it to improper equipment, i was like sure, funny thing was i was driving my mom's car. brand new mustang, so there was definatly no improper equipment, that just goes to show that all they wanted was my money, but i was just happy it got reduce and not sent back to VA to my insurance.

with mine the fine was only $25, and the court cost was $100, when the cop told me that, mine mom was with me, she said "thats a big court fee" and the cop was like excuse me ma'm what was that?.... he was a a$$whole
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the only ticket i ever got was for speeding 52 in a 35 and the cop messed up my dl # and my zipcode on the ticket, i got the ticket in the mail 5 days after the court date cus it was forwarded through 20 diffrent post offices i had to drive 3 hours away to the court house and they still wouldnt dismiss the ticket and it cost me 260 bucs! and 2 points!
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