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Anyone live in California that could do me a huge favor?

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It's a long story that I'm not going to get into here, but I need a rock from California, and it has to really be from there. I know it sounds strange. But if someone could get me a rock, that is fairly unique (not your average garden pebble) and is like baseball sized or so, and ship it to me, I will pay for the shipping and your lunch or something. Anyone?
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A rock? Kinda reminds me of that 50's movie: The long long trailer with Lucille Ball and Dezzi Arnez. :D:

Anyone seen it?
Yep seen it a few times. That car could tow a trailer up a mountain better than a new CTD :rotfl:
what kind of rock is not your average garden pebble?
I just mean a rock that isn't like something that'd come in a bag at Home Depot or that you'd see laying around all over the place in any city in any state.
I'll be on the lookout for such a rock, but my curiosity is getting the best of me and I'm wondering why you need this rock.... :silly:

BTW..When do you need this Cali rock by.... :cool::
PM me your address and you've got a deal. Do you want shale type stuff, quartz with sparklies, ugly rock....?
Give me a hint and you'll have a rock.
Weird request though, buddy.
Badassbarbie I sent you a PM.
On 2005-11-26 10:41, HaWiiLuVeR wrote:
what kind of rock is not your average garden pebble?
In Oklahoma we have rose rocks but I know nothing about Cali rocks so I'm curious too. Yes that is an odd request but somehow I have a feeling it has a really good story with it hehehe.
gotta be a lab for a class or something.
weird. whats your old lady want a cali rock or something?
must be to impress a lady or something. your gonna have to let us know.
haha I guess I'd better tell ya. Badassbarbie is getting me the rock though, so that's out of the way. A friend of mine (who will hopefully soon be more than that) told me that she wants a rock from california. I'm not sure why, I think because she likes california and I think that she doesnt believe that I can or would actually get one. Well wheather she believes I can or not, I decided I'd get that rock one way or another.
On 2005-11-28 15:33, DIXIEDIRT wrote:

:withstupid: haha hell you want a rock from TN too??? we have tons here.

I second the motion, if you need one from West Virginia let me know.

I like volunteering for a good cause :bigthumb:
i need the rocks here in ohio for my colleges rock crawling course.
On 2005-11-28 15:33, DIXIEDIRT wrote:

lmao. that's not my intentions with this girl, this one means more to me than that.
well you can still get some while your doin whatever your doin
How about some sand from the Jersey Shore??

Its tiny little rocks, ya know..
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