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Anybody run or hear of this TC???

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It is from Oregon Performance Transmission. Says it is a HD converter for the A518 (46RE/RH) or A618 (47RE/RH) and is only $225 + $20 S/H. Seems like a pretty good deal to me...

They also have this one that has a billet cover too for $420 + $20 S/H...
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Are you thinking about buying one because of your issue you spoke of in that thread on the 'other' site, Chuck? If so, and while a new converter might resolve the issue, I think it's a 50/50 chance that you might be throwing money (at a new converter) at something that might not resolve your problems. That having been said, I wouldn't pay any more for a decent (new or rebuilt) converter than you need to. I don't know what the mileage is on your truck but the bottom line is its a stock Chrysler 46/47/48R tranny with some mileage on was ticking the day it rolled off the a$$embly line floor. I think you could probably source a quality, rebuilt converter from a local vendor for less money.

EDIT: when your tranny pukes, you're going to need a new converter, then, so that's why I say I wouldn't spend any more than you have to for a quality rebuilt/new converter. I think you could find a quality rebuilt converter for less than $225. I don't think you'd need a billet job ($400+), either...that 360 doesn't make that much steam.
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Well, depending on what I see happen with my tranny in the next few days, it may be getting a rebuild. I was thinking of getting a decent TC (like the $225 one), a quality rebuild kit (around $175), Transgo shift kit and some APS upgrades (about $400-$500) and rebuilding it in the garage (with the help of my dad). I figure for $800-$900 I could get a fully beefed up tranny, and not have to worry about it, or mess with it again. We did a 904 Chrysler tranny a few years back, and it was pretty easy, so I don't see why we couldn't do this one too. Just an idea right, but like you said, the stock tranny is a ticking time bomb.
Not to discount your experience and/or knowledge, but a 904 and an A500/42R/A518/46R/47R/48R are totally seperate beasts. A 904 is a fairly simple and dependable unit. The A500/42R series of trannies were based off the 904, with an overdrive section added, just as the A518/46/47/48RH and RE trannies are based on the 727.

If you do decide to rebuild the tranny, let me know if you need any help. Let me know what APS upgrades you're thinking of, as well. The overdrive section is where I'd focus a lot of attention, as that's where a lot of problems stem...namely the lubrication inadequacies inherent in the stock units...particularly the early(ier) A518s and 46RHs.

Make sure you flush the tranny cooling lines and heat exchanger (in the radiator), as well. Some places rent power flushers.

EDIT: parts I'd think about "upgrading" would include the planetary gearsets. 48REs have 6 pinion planets, I believe. I'm not quite sure if it'd work, but the 48RE has a much larger overdrive drum, as well, that you can pack a LOT more clutches in than a 46/47RH/E overdrive drum. The 3-4 accumulator spring should be replaced with something a little stouter, several companies (Sonnax included, I believe) manufacture billet/improved intermediate servo, servo covers and low/reverse servo pistons. Your band struts can be replaced with heavy duty afermarket pieces for a small investment. You can find high-capacity clutch packs for your direct drum...which your $175.00 rebuild kit may or may not include. Make sure your shift kit has a provision for full-time converter fill, as well, instead of only when out of park.
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I'm thinking of getting the following;

Heavy Duty Rebuild Kit ($175)
TransGo Shift Kit ($88)
OPT HD torque converter ($245)
APS sintered cast band ($71)
APS aluminum accumulator and blocker rod ($59)
APS performance separator plate ($42)
APS Brute Force O/D spring ($43)
APS high ratio band actuation arm ($40)
APS high capacity direct drums and springs ($112)
APS no-flip servo w/ cushion blocker ($65)
APS updated pressure regulator valve ($27)
APS no bend band apply strut ($20)
APS spefic rate intermediate spring ($21)

and possibly...

APS heavy duty 5-pinion steel planetary ($150)
APS overdrive 15* extra HD 5-pinion steel planetary ($247)

Total: $1000-$1400 (might be less because I included S/H on every APS part (about $110)).
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I forgot... I should probably get new electronics too. :wall: Gotta look up the prices on those too. :roll:

You think anything on my ever growing list is unnecessary???
While I haven't looked at APS' website or actually seen the planetary gearsets you've referenced, I bet you could source 6-pinion planets from a 48RE for cheaper than those 5-pinion planets you've listed.

Then again, that's just a guess.
Chuck, that is the least expensive TC I have found so far. I might have to snag me one for when I swap motors.
You might want to too too

I didn't compare prices but some seem fair.

If your looking for just a stock TC
Well, I just went and checked everything out, and the fluid was REALLY LOW. I'm not sure where it all went (the truck has been sitting a lot lately), but I put in 2.5 qts of ATF-4 synthetic, and one bottle of Lucas Trans Fix (about .75 qts) until it was at the top of the fill level on the dipstick. :eyecrazy: Everything seems fine now. The 1-2 shift is still a little softer than I'd like, but at least 1st holds like it should.

I looked underneath and the trans pan is wet (always has been since I got the truck), but I didn't see anything leaking out anywhere. I keep an eye on the fluids, and it was fine last time I checked it in the summer. Like I said, I haven't been driving it much at all, so maybe it has an internal leak or a slow leak that I didn't notice before.

I'd still like to do a tranny build, but if I could hold off until the spring I'd be happy. The garage is too low for my truck, so working on it in the cold really blows. Hopefully the tranny will be fine until then. I'm gonna keep a close eye on the fluid level to see what it does.
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Kind of a dumb question, but does the t-case share fluid with the tranny on this truck??? I never dropped the trans or tranny in it to know, but I know some trucks do.
nope, it's separate
Cool, thanks. That is what I thought, but wasn't sure. :bigthumb:
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