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anybody rhino liner'd a tool box?

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has anyone done it? i kinda wanna do mine black and then im gonna get black bumpers later on that are also rhino linered up.

how much this stuff cost? how is it applied? ive never really researched it much
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I was told it would cost between $50 and $75 to do my box. I have seen it done and looks good. I havent done it yet because its low on my priority list. It works just like it does on a truck bed.
i wanna do outside mainly
I have been quoted at 75 to do a box, I would think with a little shopping around you could get it done for 50.
i was under the impression that you can do this yourself? i guess i was wrong? if so i guess i can dish out 75 to do this. where do i get that done?
Well you said Rhino line it. That is a company that would have to do it yourself. You can buy the do it your self stuff in a spray can or Herculiner and do it for less. But they will fade faster if you dont put UV protectant on it.
my fault ok so i have other options? i kinda wanted to do it myself.

how hard is it to do?
From personal experience, I would use something else besides Herculiner (if there's something else). It's very chunky and we burned up a cake mixer trying to mix it. It doesn't apply well and definately fades.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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