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Anybody Hauling for FEMA?

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I was just wondering if anyone on here hauls trailers for FEMA? Also what kind of rigs are you using cause Ive seen people using almost anything with 4 wheels. Hows the pay for doing this? Or is it more of a volenteer thing?
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FEMA pays for it. they bid on a product, you submit your product, you get paid. we sent 3 53' trailers of ice to the gulf. just got paid the other day, then donated a good part of the money back to the red cross.
I know of a guy and his wife that are doing it. They're hauling from Oregon back to Louisiana. He's got a 3/4 Ford, and she's got an Econoline van I believe. From what I understand, the trailers they're building for FEMA are pretty light and cheap.
You can't count the # of 3/4 & 1-ton Dodge, Chevy, & Pherd trucks you see going down the highway here everday with FEMA trailers.

A new one though....I saw a decked out Chevy Top Kick 4500 black on black with chrome and stacks pulling into a Flying J the other night, but bobtail.
Ya, I was at MFA the other day picking up some cheap farm fuel and I saw 3 Toyota Tundras pulling thoes trailers FEMA is useing for temp. housing down where the hurricanes hit. Like you said, its mostly 3/4 and 1 ton diesels hauling but a there are a few weird rigs thrown in there. Hell, on the way home that night I saw a ford 550 or 650 running north, bobtail.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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