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another will it fit ?

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will a 33x15.5 fit my blazer with a 4" suspension lift?
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12" wide rim, not sure offset, but the well is deep on the outside face.
yea they will fot just fine, i had a 4 inch lif ton my 87 truck and ran 38's but i had to trim in the front. dont be afraid of the saw!!! :hack:
my buddy had a 90 and he fit 35's stock I don't think he even trimed the fenders
It will fit no problem at ALL, IMO you should go bigger so they don't look undersized, but I like the stuffed look. I ran 35 inch thornbirds on my Jimmy with no lift and minor fender trimming.

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You had a pink sticker! :rainfro:
i'd like to go 35, because i will want bigger if/when i get a 2" body lift... now i just need to dish out 1000 for tires :cuss:
On 2005-12-07 14:05, whiteram4x wrote:
You had a pink sticker! :rainfro:

We call that red.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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