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Another tire question!

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Hey there,

Im real new at this so please bear with me.

I got a 94 cherokee sport and im about to add a lift kit.

The kit I've been considering is the 8" X-factor system =

They reccommend no more than 35" tires but a friend says I could run 38"s

I would like to avoid any rubbing and dont want to have to start cutting into the body work so any advice from anyone that has done this with a cherokee would be much apreciated.

Tahnks in advance.

P.S. Good brand recommendation for tires?
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Your friend does not know what he is talking about. Listen to the manufacturer of the lift. with 8" of lift 35's would fit well. read the entire description-"May require minor front fender trimming to run 35" tires."
I am running 6" and 33's.

If you plan on running 38's on a Cherokee there will be more imortant things to worrie about other than triming the fenders. 38's will blow the hell outa a D35. 35's will requier regearing and will be more than enough tire for the D35(assuming thats what is in it)

as for a brand recomendation on tires, start with a little research and decide what type of tire you will want, milage you desire, performance you desire, size, tread, and what not. With out any guidlines to go by, I can give you a hole page of good brand recomendations but only a handful would actually be suitable for you.

In addition to that lift you will also need a slip yoke eliminator and rear driveshaft. If you plan on running 35's, regearing will be a most for a DD and you should consider upgrading the D35.

That lift will require welding to your unibody and cutting off stock mounts.
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There are 3 very helpful tools on this site and no matter how much you know they are still usfull. Alot of your questions will be answered


and Here

and since you are a Jeep owner
8" with alittle cutting and youll get 35's to fit. I have 35's on my 92 with 8" of lift and ALOT of cutting, but thats because i wanted the clearence for the flex. Heres what mine looks like...


If you want to see what it looks like with the tires stuffed while flexing, let me know and ill post up a couple pics.
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