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Another exhaust question.........

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i have a single 3" exaust from the y-pipe back with a highflow catco cat and a dynomax race bullet muffler. i want to change this setup mostly the so called muffler (pretty much just a glasspack) because its way to loud at highway cruise interior is very loud and i like loud to but its getting annoying. i would like to have two tips exit in a swept fashion but dont know if i want in front or behind wheel. i need some suggestion on that and a muffler. im on a budget due to christmas. thanks tom
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i own a muffler shop in columbus ga. and i would recomend a magnaflow part #12278...they are very tame at highway will fit your existing 3" pipe and you could run (2) 2 1/4" tailpipes from there...i would charge around $225 for that job w/ no tips, so i hope it helps you out...
I have the same setup as you with full 3" from the Y back. Though I'm running a Flowmaster 40 series that exits infront of the PS tire. It's nice and quiet on the highway, but has a nice deep tone when driving around town.
thanks for the suggestions.
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