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Aluminum wheels in the winter?

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Anyone know if its ok for me to run my aluminum Outlaw II's in the pretty sure they have a clear coat on them but not possitive...I dont know how they will react to the sault? Is there anything that i could put on them to protect them?...I really have no idea on this topic, hell i dont even know if this is in the right forum... :wall:
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the sault will cause the clear coat to come off and then ur rims will carode (sp?) so if they are nice rims and u still want them to look good in a couple of years i would suggest runnin some steelies... i dont know of anything that u can put over them to protect them as like a polish or anything...maybe more layers of clear coat...
what's sault?
hahah good question...salt is what i think i meant. :wall:
On 2005-11-27 09:45, mustang6tsix wrote:
hahah good question...salt is what i think i meant. :wall:

oh ok, that's what i thought but when shin typed "sault" too i was like, ok..?

I live in Hawaii and we dont have "winter" here so I thought maybe there was something I havent heard about yet...
when i had aluminuim wheels i gave them a good polishbe4 winter started and i always tried to keep them clean...survived 4 winters and they stilll look good.
Your gonna think I am nuts. But If they call for snow around here and they salt the hell out of the roads. I go get out the vasoline and coat them babies down! Wipes right off!
Yeah thats what i was looking for some sort of jell that wouldnt strip the clear coat off...that is a really good you have any problems with it sprinning off, do you have to recoat?
haven't you guys heard of metal polish? just keep your truck washed on nice days and polish your wheels in the spring. it also works good to spray your frame and axles down with tire shine.
i ran my aluminum wheels for 2 winters, gave them a good polish before first snow and the srayed them once a week with wd-40 and then cleaned them after winter and they were fine.
you could put some wax on there to protect it too.
cooking pam will also keep the crap from sticking that or stuff like the wd-40/slick 50 weekly wipedowns will work great for keeping the wheels clean that is what i did when i had my chevy on alu. wheels i think they were the same ones you have
Yeah, they all sound like great ideas, im just trying to preserve the clear coat as long as possible and prevent corrosion...the petroleum jelly sounds like a good idea, im sure the cooking spray and the wax would also work...thanks for all of the suggestions guys
if your rims have a clear coat they should be fine. it's the non-clear coated aluminum rims that stain easily.
On 2005-11-28 18:36, Tani1500 wrote:
you could put some wax on there to protect it too.

:withstupid: Put a very heavy coat of wax and keep them clean. The WD40 idea is cool also
On 2005-11-30 22:27, JustRamIt wrote:

:withstupid: Put a very heavy coat of wax and keep them clean. The WD40 idea is cool also
:withstupid: wax is all you need. i have the same rims, during the winter months i try to wash my truck once a week. call it a little overboard but i like to clean my wheels once a week with wheel cleaner when i wash my truck and throw a coat of wax on them shortly after. it doesnt take more than 5 min to wax 4 swirl application needed, wax on wax off.

p.s. during summer months waxing an aluminum rim every month or so is good habit :bigthumb:
Yup; the same Meguiars wax that I use on my 2001 Ram goes on my factory aluminium (17" offroad)wheels once a year.

No pitting, scratching or corrosion, and the clearcoat on them wheels is still perfect, and that's after a couple heavily salted canadian winters.
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