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Aluminum or Stainless Steel Exhaust?

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I was looking at the Gibson website and noticed they offer their exhaust in aluminum or stainless steel.

Which one is better?
What are the advantages?
The stainless costs more, but is it better?
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stainless all the way.

i had put an aluminized exhaust on my truck, 1 1/2 years later i was spending the $450 on the Gibson Stainless.

grant it stainless rusts as well, but will take many many years to rust away like the other kit did.
stainless likes to crack but wont rust off(doesn't like vibrations), where as the aluminized pipe only lasts about 2 years in the rust belt states
so if you use stainless and its mounted very securely , you will have a long lasting exhaust
just put in a section or 2 of stainless flex tubing. stainless all the way.
Stainless only rusts if it is a poor grade of stainless...same with cracking...there are many grades of stainless just like normal steel...I have a SS system on my truck right now and it looks like I just put it on...factory "stainless steel" is usually the low buck junk, aftermarket SS is usually high grade.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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