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Alternator problems/Fusible link?

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On the 83 K5 305 we have been having alt problems.I have put in 3 new alts and it still won't charge.Also replaced + cable,starter and battery could a fusible link be causing this? When it happened the lights dimmed instantly like at the snap of a finger. Where are the fusible links at in my Vette I found one by the starter.
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You should be able to look in the back of a repair book and it will show you wiring.
I am looking at the schematic in my haynes but the hookup is not the same on my truck but I have not changed any wiring it was like that when I got it.Are the fusible links togetherat the starter?Just gotta fix this so I can enjoy the snow!!!!
I ran a wire from battery to the alt and that did it but is it safe?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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