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All Pro, Downey, or OME rear coils?

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what is everyones opinion on the different coils? They all say that they give 1.5" of lift to 4runners, but which ones actually do? Also, which one is the best bang for your buck? if two are pretty much the same i dont want to pay out of my butt for a logo or something. right now i'm just looing at the "replacement" coils that give a little more lift and a better load handle.
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honestly id put coil spacers under your factory coils. if you buy aftermarket coils they will probably give 1.5 " in the begining but they will settle over time.
but you can never go wrong with allpro in my opinion
im purdy sure i have performance products coils on mine. they lift the rear a really good amout. actually makes it a little higher then the front and the ride is really good. im happy with them.
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