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alignment after lift???

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I'm gonna be putting on a rancho 4" lift and i was wondering if i get the truck aligned after the lift with my stock wheels and tires will I have to get in realigned when I put my 35s and new wheeels on ?? thanks I just dont want to have to pay for an alignment twice
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Just align it with the stock wheels and tires.

yup your new tires and rims just need to be balanced
alright thanks guys. It just needs to warm a little here in Ohio so I can get this lift on. Ill try to post some pics when i get er done. Im puttin the rancho 4" subframe lift with 35s. I already have a 3" body lift so hopefully itll all work out. You guys got any tips? I was thinkin of replacing the ball joints while I'm in there but the budget is kind of tight so I might just have to wait on that one.
Test fit your factory wheels first for clearance before taking the front apart. Like I had mentioned before, I wasn't sure if my 15's would fit (kit calls for 16 to 18" wheel)

The tie rod comes close to my wheels, they are 15" with 4" backspacing. I believe stockers are 5.5" backspacing, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Got a pic to better help what I'm describing.


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I know when I installed my Procomp spindles, the factory chrome steelies did not fit because of the tie rod ends.

I'm only giving you a heads up because you didn't mention if you had any aftermarket wheels yet.

Good luck. PM me if you have any other questions.

Oh yeah, heres a pic with the add a leaf installed. With a 2" bodylift and the Rancho 4" suspension lift.



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Im from hilliard. Its on the westside of columbus. Thanks big muskie for the heads up on the tie rods. Ive got the new wheels coming, hopefully tomorrow so i should be all set when they get here. I got the cragar soft 8 15x8 with 4" backspacing hopefully theyll fit. I got them for $147 shipped from summit. Ill try to post pics when i get the lift and everything done. How much is it gonna cost to get those tires mounted and balanced?? $100 ????
I dont remember off hand what mounting/balance was.
I bought the tires from Discount Tires. They have a lifetime free rotate/balance.

Those soft 8's will look good, their black right. I have thought of buying black wheels, but mine are in great shape and not too crazy about spending more money on the truck.


yah i just went with the black. they were the it wont cost me an arm and a leg to get em mounted and balanced
Discount Tire should charge you about $25 a tire to mount and balance, depending on the size. So yes, about 100. If you buy them from us (Discount Tire/America Tire) we back a lifetime free rotation, rebalance, and flat repair... Keep that in mind!
If they still offer it, Firestone has a lifetime front end alignment offer for like $125.00 or so. You pay that one time and you can bring the vehicle back as often as you like for an alignment. I milked the #$%^ outta that deal until they finally bought it back from me for what i paid, just cuz they were sick and tired of aligning it, but i kept making them honor it.
It actually shouldn't matter whether you get it aligned with the stock or aftermarket tires/wheels.
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