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Advice Needed!!

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I'm a 16 year old who has been doing a little bit of offroading for the past few months. I use to have a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado K2500 with the 6.0 that ran 31" LTX M/Ss. It was too big to really have a lot of fun in but it could do some good runs through some local trails and before I could sell it some lady hit me and it died. Now I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 with the 4.7 and I want to start actually getting into it. I practice all the standard 4x4 rules (buddy rule, bring a spare (blown out 2 tires offroad already), know your tow points and etc etc.) Anything you guys can fill me in on as far as equipment, tips, or just practices to make it a safer experience. Thanks for anything.
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Never use chains to pull out a vehicle. Throw a jacket or blanket across the tow strap to prevent the strap from snapping back at the vehicle or person. Tread lightly! don't tear up property, Never hook up to a ball on a hitch. It sounds like your on your way to being a responsable offroader. Good job.
And a high lift jack is always a good thing to carry
dont forget to leave your wheeling places better then you found them not worse and also always be respectful and get permission
Only wheel were it is actually legal, not just some trails that some guy who knows a guy that heard from another guy that it's legal.

High-lift jacks can be useful but dangerous, so if you use one be carefull. Plus, before you go buy one, make sure there is a place on your truck that you can jack on.

Make sure you bring recovery equipment - straps, clevis, etc.

Bring extra parts and tools your truck, or your buddy's truck, may require.

Know your vehicles undercarriage. Know where the stuff you don't want to bash off a rock is under there.

Don't trash the trails. Pack out what you pack in.

Overall, just think about what you are doing. Think about doing things safely. Know how you truck will react in differant situations.
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16 yrs old and hes allreayd had 2 cars that were both newer than mine, i love it.
haha :withstupid: but he sounds smarter than i was a couple years ago..

just use your head in pretty much all situations haha think before you do anything cause one mistake could run ya $1500..

happened to me a month ago

other than that know your vehicle and what it can do and what it has so if you break something you know what it is

it sounds like you pretty much are on the right track :withstupid: :withstupid:

just take it easy until you get used to your rig and how it handles on different terrian. dont be stupid and just drive into a 'puddle' if you have not been in it or seen how deep it was already, that will save your engine!
you have/had nice vehicles so try to keep it that way, unless you have lots of money or dont care about dents scratches and misc damage.

and most of all only do it legally,

HAVE FUN, this offroading gets addictive way too fast.
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