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aam front axle shaft strength...

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I finially ordered my replacement right side axle shaft and with talking to my friend at the dealer he said that on average there is 13 each week and 19 for the left side each week being replaced world wide! I said that its stupid having them breaking, its just a part that one should never think will fail. The new diesels do have alot of power but still it is just not right to skimp on drivetrain components, but then again theres that old "cad" (etc) pos. He also said that its not a big problem with millions of these trucks on the road so its an average of .001 with this problem...
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check your front pinion seal, my buddys went bad and cut a real nice groove in his pinion, so he had to get a new one
Huh...thats odd. I didn't think that any AAM axles ever had the CAD. The CAD was done away with in the last year, even with the Danas. But still, if they are weak shafts, that kinda sucks. Just wait awhile....aftermarket will meet the need. :cool::
Pretty sure the AAM axles are getting CAD this year or next. I heard DCX is bringing it back for mileage reasons. :roll:
The new truck doesn't have the cad unit, I was talking about past weak links there. I wish they would just go manual hub instead and save even more gas by not spinning any extra components!
On 2005-11-27 13:30, chuckhines wrote:
Pretty sure the AAM axles are getting CAD this year or next. I heard DCX is bringing it back for mileage reasons. :roll:

Probably to eliminate the driveline vibrations everyone complains about...

I'm with ya SS, going to buy my dynatrac kit after the first of the year...if anyone is interested, a few of us are going to try getting another group buy going after XMas.

Breaking axles shouldn't happen, but there again, you don't know what they were doing when it broke...spinning/pulling on blacktop and a little wheel hop would do wonders... :D: I bet most were doing something really stupid (something that we would know better than to do) or they were just plain bad parts.

Let me know if you do the group buy thing.
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