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a few more inches??

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alright i know i can get around 2 inces from cranking the torsion bars but everyone tells me to stay away from it b/c its harder on your truck. is their anything besides that to get some more articulation
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As far as cranking up the torson bars the ride did get worse but mainly when the truck hits a dip because you have no down travel. A friend of mine bought the rancho 2-3" kit and hates it. It puts extreme angles on your lower control arms and steering components and if your torson bars have got weaker over the years you may not be able to get the full 3" out of the kit. Every 4x4 shop I have talked to says that the 2-3" kits are inferior. Crank up your bars and save your money for a real suspension lift that drops you lower control arms.
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