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a few more inches??

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alright i know i can get around 2 inces from cranking the torsion bars but everyone tells me to stay away from it b/c its harder on your truck. is their anything besides that to get some more articulation
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I'm in the same boat. I have an IFS chevy with a 3 inch body lift and 33/12.5 tires, and I just want a bit more lift. I'm only 17, still in school, and can barely afford gas, haha. so a big 6" suspension lift isn't really an option. However, I've decided that biting the bullet is the thing to do. Don't bother with trying to play around with your torsion bars, it'll just brink you more problems and you won't be content. Superlift offers a 2.5 inch lift for the front only($433), Skyjacker offers a 2" lift ($299), and Rough Country has a 2-3" lift too($610). Rancho also makes a 2-3" lift for about $800. Good luck
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