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a few more inches??

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alright i know i can get around 2 inces from cranking the torsion bars but everyone tells me to stay away from it b/c its harder on your truck. is their anything besides that to get some more articulation
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white Z please dont so it! just get a lift and do it right!
Ross, Start a suspension lift fund, get a can and have your friends start dumping change in it, by the time you figure out what you are going to do with your truck you will have enough money to buy the lift, tires and fly 98sub454 and I out to Texas to check it out!! :silly:
Well even if you dont wheel alot, dont you want a really bad a$$ truck, im not saying yours isnt but you know what i mean. Come on get the lift, if your truck could talk it would tell you to!!
Well is your truck paid for? if it is why get rid of it, i know along while back you said it had alot of miles on it, but the body is in great shape, why get rid of it, fix it up. Get the lift and wait awile to get the rims and tires, thats what i did.
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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