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a few more inches??

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alright i know i can get around 2 inces from cranking the torsion bars but everyone tells me to stay away from it b/c its harder on your truck. is their anything besides that to get some more articulation
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By cranking on the torsion bars, you arent making the suspension stiffer. you are only raising the point that it sits at. teh only way to make a torsion bar suspension stiffer is to change to a larger bar. yes you will lose articulation, but that is only because you are extending the suspension. you are making it closer to the bump stops. you will have awesome "up" travel, but nothing for the "down". the spring rate of the bars are set by the manufacturer. cranking on the bolts is like adding a coil spacer. just lifting the point that it sits at.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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