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a few more inches??

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alright i know i can get around 2 inces from cranking the torsion bars but everyone tells me to stay away from it b/c its harder on your truck. is their anything besides that to get some more articulation
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On 2002-02-06 07:47, got mud ? wrote:
look into a quick disco kit for your sway bar. that will give you the ability to stay safe on the roads and give you the most articulation your truck has off road. i saw that on a s10 and it helped quite a bit.

Where can I find one??????
On 2003-02-11 17:09, 98sub454 wrote:
I have wanted to design my own for a long long time and im really exited to see what people come up with. you have any info or sites at all????

I know CST makes a long travel kit for 2WD. But that didn't help you much did it?
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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