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A 93' Ranger?

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my cousins got a 93 ranger supercab 4x4 v6 he wants 35's but i said i dont know anything about a ranger so what is there? whats it got for axles? how big of a lift would he need for 35's?
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6 inch lift, if the truck has a 4.0 its got a dana 35 and a 8.8 if its a 4 cyl or 3.0 its a dana 30 and 8.8
if it's not a dana 35, it's a dana 28. rangers never came with a dana 30 in front.
your right i can never remember if its a 30 or 28 but bein a 4.0 truck it will have a 35.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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