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96 cummins won't start

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I just put a new fuel filter in, but I didn't fill it with fuel before I installed it, b/c I didn't want to add fuel from the old filter to the new one. Long story short, my truck won't start. I 've tried priming it and it started and ran for a minute then died, primed it again and nothing. The owners manuel says to bleed the system if priming doesn't work. Should I keep trying the primer, or does anyone have the instructions on how to bleed the system?
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Loosten up all the fuel lines on top of the injectors and crank it until fuel comes out steady, then tighten them up again.
Thanks for the advise, I'll try it first thing in the morning
Loosen the fuel filter until fuel flows out of.....retighten housing.....get into truck hold pedal to the floor and start cranking (let starter rest after 10 secs of continous starting)....once it starts to fire DO NOT let off the pedal....just feather it to keep it alive and get the air out of the like a charm for me everytime I change mine! :bigthumb:
right on sounds a bit easier than pulling all the injectors. I got it fired up for about 30 seconds then it shut down again, so i guess I've still got air in the lines.
couple cans of either never hurt anything :rotfl: :rotfl:
On 2005-11-26 07:27, DIXIEDIRT wrote:
couple cans of either never hurt anything :rotfl: :rotfl:

EXCEPT BURN YOUR FINGERS! If you EVER have to do that its an ABSOLUTE last resort (I've had too before on a friends rig) make DOUBLE DAMN SURE you disconnect the heater grids before using it or you will get a backfire out of the motor when the either hits the grids! :shock: :bad: :kicknuts:

The grids are powered by the two 10mm nuts in front of the intake manifold.
If your truck was a PIA to prime after a fuel filter change there is a possibility that your lift pump is dead.

I crack the bleeder on top of the FF housing and prime the LP 50-100 times until fuel starts to come out the bleeder on the FF housing. Close the bleeder and the truck will fire right up with a little bit of pedal.
I just had the same problem. I ended up talking to some trucker about it, he told me to get ether and spray it into the intake while your cranking it, just little sprays every couple of seconds so it can breathe it in. I did it and it cranked right over. You have to be careful and not spray too much though! Otherwise you might hurt something internally. :wall: :wall:
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