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92' Toyota-chevy axle swap and lift

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I started the swap today. I got as far as the rear axle and springs out and the new 12 bolt chevy axle perches cut and relocated, springs mounted and axle back under truck. I still need to do alot of work back there, like build bracketts for the buggy leaves, shock mounts, brake lines, and fit the drive line. I will continue to post more pictures as they come.


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Here is some more stuff that I got done today. Got the u bolts installed and got the goofy leaves fabed and mounted. Still needs alot but I will get there.... I think. :bigthumb:


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what is the point of that little leaf spring thing underneath the frame?? sorry for a stupid question but i have never seen that before
On 2005-11-27 19:55, RednekYank wrote:
what is the point of that little leaf spring thing underneath the frame?? sorry for a stupid question but i have never seen that before

Silly newb.....

I bet it's gonna make for sum wicked a$$ flex......thats what.... :bigthumb:
my god those springs are tall

what springs are you running?

I also hope those shackles are for mock up
They are Skyjacker softride 7in. I plan to run 38" TSL's.
Thats why it looks tall. I have never seen with a toyota with more than a 5" lift. In fact everyone I know on 37's has a 4" lift.

Can you do me a favor and measure the bottom of your frame (above the bumpstop bracket) to the bottom of the leaf spring pack.

I have always wanted to know how much lift I have on my 4runner.
No problem.... well just as soon as the rain dies down alittle!! Damn oregon rain :silly:
Lookin good , what type of spring is that on the 1/4 eliptical , Also lets see some flex pix. :bigthumb:
silly jackass...

any one else just wanna tell me what they are for. i can't help but be curious, and fatasstexas its people like you who make this site not worth posting on. if u cant offer good adivce when someone has a question then u need to keep ur mouth shut and stop jokin on newbs. i cant help that i dont know as much as you but im trying to learn hence me askin questions.
does it allow more flex? like when the tire goes down that bends down as well as the leaf spring flexs to give u ubber amounts of flexing?? just a guess
Yes it will allow the tire to drop down farther and hopefuly still have enough contact with the ground to give traction. They are know as "goofy leaves" or "buggy leaves", they are actually called 3/4 eliptical springs (because springs are the shape of an elipce, and it is 3/4 of a full one). They do have draw backs like noise from banging around and body roll, but not enough bad stuff to give up the extra flex. I hope this clears things up for you a little. And nevermind the people who don't have time to answer questions, I learned everything I know from asking and doing.

I will get some flexing pics as soon as I get the frontend swaped over to the solid axle chevy stuff.

Oh and to you Burgler, from under the frame rail to the bottom of the spring pack measures 19.5 inches. I belive it is sitting at around 8 inches of lift, (kinda long shackles) Let me know what yours measures, just wondering how high your truck is.
Thats looking great. Definetly keep us updated on this build up.
I just ran out and measured. its 14.25" unloaded. I also have con-ferr lift shackles, that measure 6.5" eye to eye.

so if your calculations are correct, I have 1.75" of lift.

But I a$$ume your rear will lower back down a bit, so I have more like a 2-3" lift.
What size tires did you say you have? Do you have any trouble with your frame poping from being twisted while flexing alot? I'm just want to know if I should and any extra crossmembers before I weld up the rest of the bed.
I am sure it wouldnt hurt to stiffin up the frame a lil bit by welding in a an extra crossmember or two with your eliptical setup. Def dont wanna be cracking or twistin her up from heavy flexing!!!
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