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My first yota and I will buy another one! Pretty stock with 122K and very few problems. Run it off road around Las Vegas.

On the speedometer cable; mine started making noise about 105K. Toyota mechanic diagnosed the problem. I thought it was drive line or pinion bearing. At 122K the noise was more than I could endure. Ordered cable replacement from Bad Move! Received generic cable (which was totally wrong part) one week later. In returning the cable Partsamerica did refund my total costs - including shipping.

Go for the factory part (about $75.00) and take your VIN number(important). Parts person also had tip - if noise comes from chassis may also be speedometer gear.
I am tall with large hands and was apprehensive about tearing into the dash, but the Toyota is well designed and had robust fastening points; it was much easier than tearing into my old Saab or Isuzu Pickup. Haynes manual is sketchy on the procedure. I ended up taking off more parts than really needed. Hardest part of replcement was getting cable located in the body clips against the firewall. Took a little help from my son.
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