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91 K15, Transmission swap & Frnt Driveshaft Seized?

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Well, making a long story short. Sunk my truck a while back... spun a bearing, replaced engined with used to find that one had a bottom end knock too... Replaced that one and everything was good!!! Someone here gave me the bad news that my tranny could be gone too as water eats away at the fibers in the clutches... Which after a night of wheelin' in the mud, I found this to be true! :cuss:

So... In the middle of a tranny swap. Internet articles say 3 hours!!! :bs: Need some help??

1) Front driveshaft: Can't get it to come out. The sucker just won't compress... :wall: So, now I'm wondering (My 1st 4x4 and first work on the driveline), are these things loaded? Book says, disconnect flange at transfer case, remove front straps, then slide flange forward and remove driveshaft??? :shoot: Not working!!! Doesn't compress/slide forward... What do I do? Transfer case needs to drop anyways right? So, do I just drop the transfer case and then remove the driveshaft and deal with it after the fact? If so, can I rebuild the driveshaft myself?

2) How to drop the Tranny: Ok, so relatively self explanatory right? Not as easy as I thought... Book says disconnect front and rear driveshafts, but doesn't mention anything about the transfer case... just casually continues on about lowering the tranny on the jack!!! So, any input on the best way to remove the tranny would be greatly appreciated... Do I drop the thing as one whole unit (i.e. transfer case still attached to tranny) or do I remove the transfer case first? If the latter, whats the best place to disconnect the tranfer case? At the tail housing or with the 6 bolts into the transfer case itself (Keeping in mind I'd rather not have drain all the transfer case fluid if possible)?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

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Ok... This message can be disregarded. Got everything out last night! :bigthumb:

Still have a question however... Is there a problem with re-installing the front driveshaft with it being seized? Given of course that I'm IFS in the front, so the driveshaft should never need to compress/expand...


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