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85 Blazer ??????

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I went and looked at a 1985 blazer and put down a deposit on it. is there any thing i need to know or whach out for. the body is in great shape. the motor has 80000 mile on and dont sound too bad really. it has a 7 inch lift with 35 tires on it. thanks
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just see how rusty the floors and rocker panels are.

also check the frame at the steering box for any cracks.

other then the normal when test driving a vehicle.
what about the front leafs springs? do they rust out and bend easy
they get rusty, and sag when old. blazers sag anyways so you cant really tell. if you dont trust them, but a set of 3/4 ton springs
what will i need to change they over to the 3/4 ton springs? is there a kit or is it so thing i can do myself?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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