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Happy bday tracey....thought i'd forget huh.....anyways hope you have a good one punk
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Its Dirrrtyblonde he is refering too I believe. I believe she just turned 21.
[size=+2]HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLUT! :flipoff: :silly: [/size]
Happy Birthday.
now steal another truck again and drive back up here so I can give you your spankings!
:cheers: :bday:
THANK YOU! :D: I'm old.

I had a tire-killing party yesterday, cuz i bought new tires for my birthday, so i had to have fun getting rid of my old ones :roll:


and i did have fun. Tonight I'm going around to get my free birthday shots from the bars around campus. Should be an eventful evening... we all know how i get after a few shots :naughty:
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Happy Birthday!!!!!
happy birthday and please be safe tonite, dont want to see anything happen to ya
happy b-day young lady
dont know ya but happy b-day anyway!
:bday: :cheers:
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Oh yea nice burnout :bigthumb:
i belive 21
i know how old she is i was just waiting for her to fly off the handle
oh well then wont it 35
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