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5in Coils what are they worth

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I have a set of skyjacker 5in coils I Have used them for less than a year I want to sell them and get the 7in springs and throw them and a new thuren track bar on my 5in kit. What is a fair asking price, they are in great shape, powder coat doesn't have any blems.


oh yeah 1/2 ton coils
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great way to see what you can sell for.
there not worth anything. if you send em to me i'll dispose of them properly :D:
half to two thirds of new price, depending on condition and if you can find the right buyer
How much do they go for new
the 7" ones are like $157 shipped from a vendor last time i checked. so the 5" ones are probably close to that. i sold my almost new 5" ones for $110 shipped.
Thanks for the replys, look for them in the classifieds.
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