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5" SJ control arms on 3" lift?

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Well I need new control arm bushings for my truck, and saw that Skyjacker control arms are not too expensive. Since Christmas is coming, I'm going to get them as a gift. I need to figure out exactly what I need first though.

Right now I have a 3" Rancho lift and a 3" body lift. My 35x14.5 tires rub the back of the front fenders at full lock on rough terrain, and I don't mind hacking up my front bumper, so I was thinking 5" lift control arms would work?

Now a$$uming the 5" lift arms will work, do I need those relocation brackets?

Or would the stock length control arms be my better bet?

Also, do they make double flex arms in stock length?

Lastly, where can I get part numbers for these? I looked on the skyjacker website and I had no luck. I was gonna order em from

Thanks everyone. :sorry:
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Ok, let me try to help.

Some 5" control arms run relocation brackets (Skyjacker and BDS) and some dont (tuff country, rough country). If you buy a set of 5" control arms that have relocation brackets with them like the skyjacker or BDS arms, then yes YOU HAVE TO USE the relocation brackets. If you did not, your front axle would just be twisted out about an inch at the bottom.

You could run 5" arms on 3" lift, but I wouldnt reccomend it because your front axle will be so far forward.

Yes, skyjacker makes double flex arms in a stock length.... as part of their 3" double flex kit which uses stock lenght arms anyways.

Lastly I would not reccomed any kind of skyjacker flex arm on a street driven truck. The arms have no bushings....just metal on metal...they will wear out very fast on the street and they are SUPER expensive to buy or replace the rod ends. They also ride horrible. (I have had them before everybody that hasnt chimes in with their lame a$$ newbie know it all responses).

1. My advice to you would either be to slightly lengthen your 3" rancho arms if you wanna stay with the 3" kit. The rancho arms are simple recatangular boxed tubing so it wouldnt be a hard fab project to cut sleeve, lengthen and reweld them for someone who knows how to weld and fab.
2. Trim the back of the fender and call it a day.
3. Upgrade the rest of your front end to regular (bushings and sleeves) 5" front end parts. All you will need will be pitman, arms, and track bar brackets. all of these can be picked up cheap used.
4. What ( I ) would do is..... Lengthen your rancho arms 1". This is the same as a set of 5" arms that do not use relocation brackets. Then get a pitman arm and track bar bracket used and you will be set.

( I forgot to mention you will either need new 5" coils or some 2-3" coils to put under your current 3" spacers, obviously)
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Wow. Haha thanks for the help!

So if I lengthen the arms by 1" I can run them on 5" of lift?

That might be the better way to go actually, then in the Spring I can work on some custom longarms.

Looks like I need to redesign my Christmas list! :naughty:
I had the 5 in bds kit on the front of my truck with just 3 inchs of lift and i liked it. The tire and where was right in the middle of the wheel well
I think the 5" arms on 3" of would work great. When I had my 4.5" coils, my axle was pulled bacl a bit still. If I only had 3" of lift, the axle would have been perfect.
Ill be running cepek arms with stock springs real soon. Now that will push the axle forward abit
5" arms depending on mfr. are 7/8 to 1" longer. If they use relocation brackets then the upper will be relocated to stock height and the lower will be longer by 1". Basically....if you lenghten your Rancho arms by 1" you will be perfect for a 5" lift.
I run SJ arms with the relocatoin bracket and 3 inches of lift and it rides and drives fine. It flexes a lot better too. You'll have no problem.
3" skyjacker +1" superlift is more like 4" isnt it? Thats what your sig says....
correction 4"

my bad
:roll: :rotfl: :rotfl:
G.R.I.> why not just go to a 5" coil? You'd only be 1" taller....
Ive had 5" coils for 3 months now. I just havent had time to put them on. :rotfl:
I also have a AAL for the rear that needs to be put in also. :wall:

Im still not sure if I'll keep the coil spacers in or not. I'll have to see how level it sits and if I get bumpsteer or not.
hey chris, what happend to getting the long arms
Custom longarms are going to be made in the spring my friend! :naughty:

Also fabbin up a front bumper and rock sliders. Getting all the drawings layed out first, then I'll see about building them.
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