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4WD probs....

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Alright here's what I've got. It's a 78 F250 4wd with the stock transfer case and axles. I've got Warn manual lock out hubs. Here's the problem. When I've got the hubs locked, and the transfer case in 2wd the front tires lock up in reverse, and I can't steer going forward. When I put it in 4wd at slower speeds the steering wheel jerks really hard opposite the way that I'm turning. The left hub is a little loose and the truck has brand new U-Joints. Does anybody have any idea what the problem might be? We're getting a lot of snow around here now, and my bad 4wd almost killed me today. Hence the not being able to turn part. Thanks a lot to anybody who can help me out.
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i dont have any idea. but if you figure it out let us know. you got me curious
That is a weird a$$ problem. What I would do is get the front end off the ground and try spinning everything by hand with the hubs locked t-case in 2wd.
Thats a good idea, I'll try it and let you guys know what happens. Hopefully I can figure out what the problem is. :shoot: :shoot:
be sure the tranny is in neutral when you do that. if you can turn anything then unlock hubs. 1 side then swap to the other side. then both unlocked and try to spin the dirveshaft.
Alright, here's what I found out. Tonight at work I brought my truck up on the lift to check it out. I left the transfer case in 2wd and locked both hubs and spun a tire. When I spun a tire, both tires spun the same way, so I'm pretty sure my front diff is locked. So when I unlocked 1 hub, just that tire spun freely and vice versa. So I'm thinking that the reason my truck was being so weird was because of my front diff being locked, so thats probably why I couldn't turn when both hubs were locked and it wasn't in 4wd. If any of you guys has any other ideas, or anything else that might be it, I'm all ears and I'll gladly listen to what you guys have to say. Thanks a lot. Oh, and I also spun the front driveshaft without the hubs locked and everything worked like it was supposed to, the driveshaft and axle shafts spun but the tires didn't.
I found out that that front diff is welded... :wall: :wall: :bad:
Well, that explains it. :D:
It sucks because I really can't drive it on the road now without almost breaking something. The only time I can really use it is offroad, but thats not good because we get a lot of snow around here and I need 4wd... I'll have to figure something out.
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