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o way I forgot to add here..
the ones that know me.. I lifted my truck waaays ago 1997 and NJ changed laws. Well that lift almost cost me my marriage. well were still together, truck in 2004 got lowered and on the road. been just going locally to shoprite, etc.. cant pass emissions..but recently I found my issues..

on 4th july 2017 I went out for a light stroll.. well pics don't do justice...
Off-roading Vehicle Mud Car Off-road vehicle
Off-roading Vehicle Mud Car Pickup truck
Mud Vehicle Car Pickup truck Mud bogging

found out later. a truck on 54s buried itself a bit farther in. glad my cab shifted and pushed on my dizzy.. broke my rotor. took 5h and 3 trucks to get me out..

still fixin crap from this.. this peanut butter mud is naysasty...

next up is shackle flip in back. truck sits 2" higher in front.. shackle flip should give me 6" lift making back 4" higher.. then I'm gonna get 8" leafs for front but not till march/april.. bonus time..

took truck out today.. so my motor hasn't ran well for 3y.. found out I had a vacuum leak under holley bowl and once I removed the adapter and put the metal plug in.. WOW she roars like a lion in heat!!!!! cant wait.. to get some video of her runnin in the mud...
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