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47x17 LTB's!!

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ANybody seen these yet? I was looking through peterson's and noticed that i think tyres 1 has them listed for sale with CALL for the price. I had the 33 LTB's once, they were kickass offroad, but were so ruff and out of balance I had to get rid of them. My 33's were coming up 24-27 oz each out of balance at 1/2 tread. I bet the 47x17 is a massive looking beast!!!
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Yeah Camo posted about this awhile back, i cant remember if he posted pics or not. Do a search and see if you can find it.
Better yet, here you go.

Though it doesnt really help you. Sorry.
Why does interco continue to make the LTB is weird a$$ sizes.
I think 47x17 is a kick as size. Now if they would just make something in a 35-40" range of sizes, I love the tread on them, it kicks a$$ over a regular TSL.
Originally the LTB is not much different then the TSL, except for the seperation between the middle lugs and the odd ball sizes. The new " BIGGER LTB " looks more like an SX pertaining to the side wall pattern. The tread lugs are generally the same as the old LTB but much bigger. The 47" will not be the only size they offer in this pattern. It will be just like the Irok once it first came out. They offer a huge size and then come out with all the filler sizes in the years after.
What many people dont understand, is how long it takes to come out with a new size tire. First you have to make a CAD drawing of the tire with every little detail (which only one man does), so a insanely expensive mold can be made. Then the tire has to be tested both by the factory and by whoever interco chooses. Then a sh!t load have to be made before the line can ever be put for sale. This must occur for every single size that comes out.

Personly I love the Bigger Ltb. True offroaders have been asking for years for a bigger brother for the 15x38.5 Sx, but the problem is the steel belts. Stacking the 38s for even a week will cause the bottom tire to become flat like a pizza, this causes some balancing issues, plus the shear weight of this tire would mean a bigger one would weight even more, thanks to the steel belts. So Interco decided to try some new compounds and a new factory and came out with the bigger LTB.

The only reason I would shy away from these tires is they are made in China along with their new swamp lite atv tires and rims. Not to say that these Chinese made tires will be not up to standard, I am just a big fan of American made products.
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