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46 RH will it work in my ram

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ok im getting a tranny from a 95 dokota 4x4 its a 46 RH. it has a 318 and a np 231 t-case. my ram is a 96 ram with a 318 and a 46 re tranny and np231 t-case.

so what does the 46 RH mean??
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RE means the tranny is electronicly conrtolled. RH means its hydraulicly controlled. I don't think you can swap the RH inplace of the RE.
i didn't think the dakotas had the same tranny as the rams? thought they were like 44re or 44rh. i don't think it will work either way. maybe if you got the pcm also, but not sure if that will work with the rest of your truck.
I believe the RH is shorter and the RH tranny will not bolt to a t case that was bolted to a RE tranny
Automatice transmissions in Dakotas:
A-998 Three speed V6 only
A-500 Four speed w/OD V6 only 2.74 1st, 0.69 OD
42RH Four speed w/OD
46RH Four speed w/OD only V8 rated
The trannys are identical. A t-case from one will bolt right up to the other. I have swapped tons of t-cases from REs and RHs. The only problem I ran into was the length of the t-case input shafts were different lengths....I had to machine one down to fit.
so will this swap work then i have the moter tranny and t case so can i just slap the whole sha bang in??
i dont get what the problem would be?? i would rather hydrolic anyways..

also if the tranny is shorther will i have problems both drive shafts and crossmember??

anyways thanks for the help guys, i just dont wanna rebuild that damn tranny again it just keeps blowin up.

Thanks again Rob
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