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40s on an 88 pickup *PIC*

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is it possible to fit 40x17.5x15 Hawgs on a 88 toyota pickup 4x4 with a 3in bl and a 2in t-bar tweak
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with a TON of hacking MAYBE

but your biggest problem will be wheel width, as your tires will hit the steering box.

You will probablly need at least 2" BS 15x12 wheels to get it to clear, but with a wheel that wide you are going to run into more fender problems.

BUt anything is possiable.

I just feel REALLY sorry for that IFS, and it ill not hold to a tire bigger than 35's, or 33's if its locked.
:withstupid: good luck with that one,,we put my 36 12.5.15 tsl's on my 89 4 runner one weekend before the axle swap,,and we had to cut the rear to the fender line about 3-4 inches,,and the front we basically had to take the fenders off to turn more than a few degrees so im going to say no way its happening without tons of hacking and then tons of breakage after you do get them to fit,,the front end was screaming on mine witht he 36;s in just str8 mud runs, :rotfl:
[size=+2]IT FITS[/size]

He got 4 40x17x15 ghawgs mounted on 15x10 rims for $100

His front fenders are torn at the bottom seam so they are very clearenced and he doesnt run a bed so their isnt an issue there. We pounded the fender pinch weld flat so now all he reall rubs on is the idler arm and the steering box/pitman arm.

The funny thing is that he is able to smoke them things like you wouldnt believe.
I gotta see some pics of this....
in due time
still waiting......
how the hell does he roast 40's in a damn yota? everytime i tried to do that i threw a driveline??? :wall:
damn, thats crazy... definently needs some pics tho
Ill be the first to throw up the :bs:
I am tryin to get the kid with the camera to run over there and take some pics of it
Hell, I wanna see this :shock:
Hey I would love to see that, my crap a$$ toy can barely churp 35's. But my Chevy will roast 44's!! (Got to love that BB-454) Anyhow you should post a few picks of those tires smoking!!
Are any of you on 4xwire if you are tell that you wanna see pics of Donnies truck with the 40s
and that whats everyone wants - 40"s on a toy with 3" of lift that rubs on the idler. good job.
we fit 39 on a yota with the same set up but no fenders or bed till i broke the front gears
:withstupid: The front axles in those things are WEAK :D:
I can understand that everyone wants to put bigger tires on their trucks and even cars. Aw hell i saw a honda civic hatch back runnin 44's once...but at least it was setup right. I just cant fathom the fact someone put 40's on a basically stock toyota! Y? I might understand if it was a junkyard junker that you just beat the hell out of but...i just dont understand............. :bad: past experience most ppl dont do this knda stuff...i put big {expletive} in my yota so i can run huge a$$ tires.
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