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4 lo clicking

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was pulling some trees and stuff yesterday (still rita cleanup) and had the truck in 4lo. just easing around in 4 lo no clicking, but once weight, ie the tree was added my d side front clicks horribly. no any time it goes in 4 lo and the tires move, same tire clicks, and has a slight grinding sound to it at all times. U-joints are slackless and less than 8k on em.

Oh yeah, leaving from dead stop, makes a slight clunk once the clutch is released to move out.

any ideas, trying to sell the truck but i don't wanna sell it then have the guy come back to me pissed cause something already broke.
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Might be a U-joint. Just ebcause it was recently serviced doesn't mean it can't be bad. But I have a similiar problem, whenever I am in 4x4 and the truck is just putting around it's fine, but if I put it under load like going up a hill, accelerating hard, or turning the wheels to load up the drivetrain, it makes a loud clickling/grinding noice. I have'nt figured it out yet though, replaced drivesahft u joints, axle joints, thuroughly inspected the CAD, spinder gears, ring and pinion, hubs are fine, everything seems fine. I think it's in the transfer case.
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