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3in. body lift

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Wassup fellas? Anyone out there with experience putting body lifts on Fords? This Friday I'm heading down to the parts house to pick up a 3in. body lift for my 89 Bronco. That gives me both Saturday and Sunday to get things done. Keep in mind I have no air tools, so it'll all be done with regular hand tools. Ya'll think I can get it done by myself? You guys should get a pool going.
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Hey fella, I appreciate the offer, even if you are busy . . . thanks. I may have another guy lined up to help me out though. he helped me do the suspension lift so, we'll see what happens. I'm gonna try and do it this weekend. I'll get some pictures posted after everything is done. Thankyou again Jason.
OK party animals, I pick up the lift tomorrow, and that gives me all this weekend to install it. If I have any problems, then I'll have to call in the reinforcements. Called a sawzall and an air hammer. lol Everybody says that a rookie like me could install this body lift with no problem, so wish me luck. Will post new pictures as soon as I am done.
OK, body lift is installed. Only took me sixteen hours to do it too. Truck lookes meaner than heck. I still have to get some gap gaurds, have the exhaust tips raised, and get the transfer case lever bent so it will operate without hitting the floor board. As soon as I get back from the exhaust shop, I'll take some pics and have them up tomorrow afternoon.

Bring on the beer, babes, and Broncos!!!
I can't seem to figure out how to edit the pictures of my ride now . . . takes me to a blank page and says I need to alter my settings. I think at has to do with some bug that had to be fixed.
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