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3in. body lift

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Wassup fellas? Anyone out there with experience putting body lifts on Fords? This Friday I'm heading down to the parts house to pick up a 3in. body lift for my 89 Bronco. That gives me both Saturday and Sunday to get things done. Keep in mind I have no air tools, so it'll all be done with regular hand tools. Ya'll think I can get it done by myself? You guys should get a pool going.
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Nick -

If I wasn't busy the next few weekends, I'd come over and give you a hand! Sorry man.

Good luck though. I suggest that you spray some WD-40 or similar lube on the body tub bolts, bumper bolts, and anyhting else tha tyo uthink you'd need to remove.
Good luck Nick. You can post the pics here or you can do a write up with pics and I can post it in my Truck Tech section if you like. Full credit to you.
Great! Can't wait to see it.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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