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360 heads fit on a 318??

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ok im buying a moter tranny and t-case from a write off 95 dodge dokota for cheap and i wanna build that 318 up.

now is there anything different from the 318 from a 95 dokota from my 96 ram 1500??

also i know the older 318s u can get 360 heads on 318s. will it work on the fuel injected engines as well??

i wanna get some big horse out of this 318 what are u guys doing to get the big power??

sorry about all the questions at once here but i would like to find out b4 for a go spend all this money on the moter and tranny/t-case
Rob :bigthumb:
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i'd go with a newer, but 318/360 is interchangable
My question is, why wouldnt you just go find a 360??
IIRC the heads on the 318/360 magnums are the same head. I could be wrong tho. On the la motors the heads are different and swapping 360 heads onto a 318 is a no no on a stock motor, you will loose compression and will make for a poor running motor.

With the acception of perhaps some electronics or an extra sensor somewhere the 318 blocks are all the same so anything from the 95 will swap to the 96 and visa versa.
My question is, why wouldnt you just go find a 360??

I'm guessing he doesn't want to get the new PCM, harmonic balancer, etc. that you have to get when swapping motors. The aforementioned reasons are why I am sticking with a 318 when mine is due for a the MPG factor.
The heads on your 2 motors are the same. 1992/318 and 1993/360 up to 2001 magnum heads are the same casting. No power gain to the swap you are considering.

Big HP on a 318, nitrous or blown.

I would start with the 360......
Racing strips....Z-71 decals. :naughty:

the reason i dont wanna go to a 360 is all the wireing and computer {expletive}. also from what my current 318 has shown me i wanna keep, it has taken a shat kickin and it keeps on going. the reason i am asking about the 360 heads is, a guy at my work has a older 318 and he slapped on some 360 heads and thin head gaskets to keep compression, and he gained alot of horse power. so i was woundering if my fuel injected 318 would be the same??

I know it would make alot more sence just to do a 360 swap. but i swear by my 318 and finding a 360 with the computer and wireing.

anyways thanks for the replys i think u guys answered my question?? its not going to work right?
I would consider going to a junkyard. I heard you can pick up a whole running engine for really cheap.

I remember my friend telling me that if you have an older non magnum engine and you put magnum heads on it, then it gets you a bunch of power.

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