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35# boost to much??

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ok i just added my gauges and advanced my timing to 15.5* and ground a #100 plate....actually josh peters did most of the work thanks again josh.....ok my question is now with the gauges i see that my turbo can hit 35# boost is that bad for my head gasket and my stock turbo i also have the waist gate clamped off so if it is bad i can always re open that.
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you've got a sturdy truck in the 97 12v. And although my cummins experience is limited, I would say hitting 35 ocassionally would be no big deal,. If I were you , i might open up the WG and take her for a lil' spin to see what you hit with it open. Better safe then sorry, you don't want to blow up your diesel like I did the first semmester of college...Hope this helps man
I think on the stock hx-35 35 pounds is about the max. i can make about 36-38 on mine when gettin on it but it wont stay at 35 for long. but i dont think it will make to much of a problem on your heard gaskets etc. but if you wanna run a higher boost pressure, then i think you will need a bigger turbo. anything over that is outta the hx35's power range if you wanna call it that.
i really dont hit it that often seeing that i still have a stock trans but i think i'll try opening up the WG and see what happens
36-37 is where you want to stop and a stock HX35. At 35 there is nothing to wrry about.
ok then i'll just leave the WG alone
What does the pyro say at 35 psi of boost? Usually when you cap the waste gate, and fuel it, the pyro gets unhappy because of the lack of exhaust flow.

The head gasket will be fine, but just make sure you have engine temp on the gauge before making boost. I never exceed 10 psi of boost(usually less) until my temp is up to operating levels. One time pulling trailer in cold weather I did not wait, and I ended up pulling the head that night. Most guys will say if you let them warm up, a stock gasket will hold 40 psi quite well, much over that and you should step up to studs.

i can hardly hit 1100*
i have heard the CTD's can take up to about 45 psi boost on stock gaskets. then you have to o-ring it. our PSD's are only suppose to be able to take about 40 without popping a gasket. i hit about 36-38 now... :eyecrazy:

i have heard the CTD's can take up to about 45 psi boost on stock gaskets. then you have to o-ring it. :wall: I better quit those 50psi luanches then, HUH?? :rotfl: :shock: good thing I got a 60 psi guage instead of a 30! actaully, when I had my stock Hx-35 with a 12cm housing I can hit 40-45psi [only did it to see if I could} but your MAP range for that turbo is right around 35-40psi, after 40 your just pushing more hot air and pushin your egts up., dont worry about your head gasket with 35psi, you got aways to go, and your tranny willprobably pop before your head gasket will anyhow, :bigthumb:
yeah i know shawn dam tranny :cuss: just counting my day and watching my saved dollars og with every RPM
Efficiency of the turbo drops off sharply at 34psi. Anything more is heat. On my old 12v, I have seen 55psi on the 35/16 that was on there. Don't recommend doing that often.
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