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33's fit with no lift

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Will 33's fit on a stock height 2000 1500 4wd sport?? Its a reg cab if that matters at all.
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I have 1.5" of lift up front, from Off-Road package springs. No lift in the rear. 33x12.5's on 15x10 MT Classic II's. 3.75" BS. Slight rub when wheeling.
Yes, a friend was running LT285s (on stock rims) on his 2000 Quad Cab 4WD 1500 for 4 years without any major issues. They looked a tad big for the wheel wells, but then again, they looked better than the stock sized tire.
Im just mainly worried about on road for now. My current tires are BALD! and I have a set of 33 already.
ive got a set of 285z on my 01 non sport 4x4 and it only rubs when i go down hill hit the brakes and turn the wheel at the the same time...i havent wheeled them yet but i have played in some mud.

edit---i got them on the factory 16x7 wheels
A a 285 will work but idk about a 305 or a 33x12.50. The 285 is only 11 inches wide compared to 12 and 12.5. I have 33x12.50 on 15x8 with 3.25 back spacing and I about .75 of an inch from rubbing at full lock. And thats with 3 inch lift.

i had 33' on mine stock, never wheeled it so idk if the rubbed there but on the road the were fine.

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i got 305s on my stock 98 they rub a little at lock but other than that they work well on my truck
I had 33s stock and it would touch the inner fender alittle thats it
I rode on 315's for a year with just a little rubbing, nothing serious.
I've got 33x12.5s on the stock offroad wheels in my 1500 and they don't rub anywhere at all. The 2500s are about the same height as the 1500s with the offroad package, so you should be fine.
On 2005-12-06 15:51, Ram2000 wrote:
Will 33's fit on a stock height 2000 1500 4wd sport?? Its a reg cab if that matters at all.

Here's a new question :roll:

Jason has put together this fancy site that includes a [size=+2]Search[/size] feature and a [size=+2]Newbie[/size] forum....

yea i had 33x12.50's on for a while with no lift and it would rub a little full turn mostly in reverse though nothing major
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