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Well, there are quite a few questions to address. The 1500 4x4 will easily clear the 33"s with a 3" suspension lift. That's what I started with and never rubbed the tires at full stuff on 15x8 wheels. All terrains work well unless you plan on driving in mud, then they will fill up, won't self clean and you will be driving on slicks (until you get stuck which won't take long). Most people have been happy with the Rancho or Pro Comp 3" suspension lift which has at a minimum lower links, 3" coil spacer, rear add-a-leaf and shocks. Some people run the dual front shocks but I never had a need for them. I have approximately 40,000 miles on a Rancho 3" suspension lift (lift with spacers and single front shock)but I upgraded to the upper links as well and haven't had any problems yet. As far as ride quality, it seemed a little firmer at first but the shocks softened up as I put some miles on them. I know several people running 33" BFG all-terrains that are generally happy with them, and a few people running Pro Comp all terrains. I guess it's just personal preference. Last thing, I did notice a slight power decrease running 33's and 3.55's, but when I started making some performance modifications I gained the power back and then some. I was able to drive without any problems though. I did a gear swap when I went to 35's.
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