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305-400 swap

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Im getting ready to get rid of the old tired 305 in my truck for a 350. My friend knows a guy who has a 350 crate that is a few years old, but has never been in a truck or anything. It just sits in his garage. He was going to put it into a truck, but he sold the project, and said i could have this motor for $500. Is this a good deal, and is the swap a direct bolt in?
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Swap's a direct bolt in, your exhaust manifolds may be your only problem depending on the style of heads on the 350, if the engine really is a new crate, I would think that 500 would be a fairly decent deal, but chances are you could pick up a whole truck that's got a blown trans or something like that for 500 and take the engine out of it and have the truck for parts/to sell, it may be a crate engine and all that, then again, it's easy to say...
Ok thanks, i was wondering if all the pulleys from my 305 would also line up and bolt in. I was also wondering if i would need to do anything with my cooling system? fan radiator etc..... thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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