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3" procomp

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My brother has an '89 XJ that we just put part of the 3" procomp lift in. we started with the front because it had the least clearance. before we put the lift on, he got 31" tires put on. for some reason it got really raked up in the back. after the front being lifted, the nose was just slightly higher than the rear. he needs more clearance in the back, but if we put the helper springs in, will it put it back to its raked position? has anyone dealt with this lift? we were thinking about putting daystar 1 3/4" spacers in the front on top of the 3" lift, but then hes gonna need to get longer shocks. as it is, the shocks seem a little short. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Deaver springs i think in santa ana does all kinds of custom spring stuff.
or what about just blocking up the rear a little.
As far of front shocks, you can use bar pin eliminators on them to gain about an inch more length, JKS and Rocky Road make them. You can also put a stack of washers on the top post of the shock, between the shock and bushings to give to a little more length, too.

Also, has a XJ board that has plenty of info on it.
You can check out ,too.
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