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3 inch suspension lift/3 inch body lift

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I have 3 Inch spacers in the front and aal's in the rear. Thinking about putting on a 3 inch body lift in the spring. Should this be a problem? Will I have to worry about messing with my brake lines? Do I need to be concerned about lenghtining anything else?

Thanks. :cool::
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use the search function. all the info is here and beat to death
just tranny shifter linkage, i just did it a couple months ago
Yea I havde 3" suspension and 3" body and it's perfect. I still have stock brake lines and steering components, and the stock springs, so it rides like a stock truck. I'm running 35x14.5 tires on a 15x10 rim and it only rubs the back of the front fender when you flex the suspension at full steering lock. The body lift is pretty easy to install too, hardest part is the shifter extension.
Hey thanks alot fellas for the replies. Now just gotta wait for the spring to hit and it'll get done.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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