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285's on a 99 nbs chevy?

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will 285/75/16 brf all terrians fit on a 99 nebs chevy 1/2 ton without rubbing?i know they will fot on th eolder body style chevys but just wonderin about the new ones>?
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yes they will i have them on my truck, mine is a 4x4 so i don't know if that will make a differance, i have never heard mine rub either
yea mine is a 4x4 also. thanks for the info
they will on stock wheels, they will fit on the older trucks too on stock wheels.
yes my friend had a 99 nbs truck w/ 285/75's w/ a set of wheels around stock backspacing. he didn't have any rub even when 4wheelin. :bigthumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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