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2500 tire size

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i got a 95 reg cab long bed 2500 4x4 with 2" spacers up front, i could fit 35s or 315s right?

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They'll fit. They will probably rub some depending on your backspacing though...but more being better.
Thought you were selling it? what happened? you can fit 35's but you will rub a little. I had 34's on mine and it didn't rub not that I remember
Ive got a 2500 with skyjacker 2.5" springs and 35's rub. So i trimmed. :hack: :bigthumb:
I decided to keep it. When you guys talk rubbing im sure your talking on afterrmarket rims what if i slap some 35s on my stock rims? Im just throwing some ideas around, also do i need like E load range or w.e? some one told me i wont have much tire selection to choose from, i don't know as i never had anything but half ton which could use any tire practically for me atleast.

i think they rub more with stoc rims cus they are tucked under more than aftermarket ones.
I would think that you would rub on your LCA im runnin spacers and 35's on my stockers right now and at full lock they rub a little. if you have some aftermarket wheels, they prob wouldnt work if you had the right backspacing. if im thinkin this right, you need less bs but someone might can clarify with ya. heres mine with 35's and i think i still need bigger tires, these look small


See less See more Them picks are just with the 2 in spacer. I havent seen or heard from him in a long time tho
I have 2" steel coil spacers on my '01 2500. You can 'fit' LT315s on your truck.

I am running LT285s right now on the stock 16x8 (6.5" backspacing) forged aluminum rims. I have a ton of room and no rubbing issues.

I also ran LT315 Dunlop Radial Mud Rovers for about a year. I would not even consider running these tires without aftermarket rims, with less backspacing. I used Weld Racing Scorpio rims, 16x8 with 4.5" of backpacing. With the 2" spacers, the LT315 sized tire looked great and really peformed off road.

The LT315s are alot bigger tire than the stock LT265s, and are even a lot bigger than the LT285, that I am currently running.
i'm running 315 75 r16's on my 2500 gasser w/ a 2.5" coil spring spacer up front and an add a leaf in the back. i also have wheels w/ 4.25" of backspacing. i have absolutely no rub. not even close.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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