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231 D transfer case

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Who knows about these, this is a stock transfer case that is in my 98 1500 slt Ram.
I found that out yesterday. Why? Well, it seems my drive line had been bent for a while, about 6 weeks now I'm guessing.
That caused some vibration, that yes i noticed, but chose to ignore.
Yesterday, on the highway at about 80mph all that vibrating stopped all at once.. until it got back down to 60, then again at 45. So, that was new.
I stopped popped my head under there to see that part of the yoke nose was cracked. The retainer housing to be exact.
Now, i may not be using the correct words, so the part i am referring to as the yoke nose, is simply A: The retainer housing, and B: the extension housing off the back of the transfer case, and in that order.
Well, after finding a new drive line, and a retainer, i went back to the shop to put them in.
Here is where my questions start.
First, what the hell kind of ring pliers are you supposed to use to get that huge a$$ C ring off the Shaft locking the retainer in place. *I didn't wait, i got it off with screw drivers and now its bent.
Second, that plate that is exposed after you get the retainer off, looks to be an oilier plate with a bearing oilier, whats that all about?
OK, so i got it all apart only to find that not only did i crack the retainer, the threaded receive area on the top left of the transfer case where one of the bolts for the retainer go in busted about a 1/2" of the metal out.
It also started a stress crack. If i can find a good aluminum welder is it going to help to try and and weld that stress crack?
Or am i looking at buying a new transfer case cuz this one has a hole in it now?
When i put it all back together, i RTVed the hell out of it. So that should take care of the hole.. Right?
Also, that C ring, i told you i bent it..
How crusall is it that that thing be fully seated back in the grove on the shaft?
For the most part it is fully seated, but it is bent just a bit, and if one side is in, the other is not by a {expletive} hair.
After seeing what i have under there, i have to say, NP could take some advise from Borg Warner.
Not impressed with there aluminum {expletive}.
That should not have broke from a out of balance drive shaft.. Should it?
The NP replacement even Used is way to much money, if i am looking at replacing the transfer case, what else can i put in there?
Thanks guys!!
Wish me luck!
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