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2005 colorado z71 leveling

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Hey a buddy of mine has a 2005 colorado z71 and wants to lift the front a little bit to make it level with the back. What is the best way to do this? Also what is the best way to lift this truck up to fit some bigger meats under it? Thanks

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you can fit 33"s on those things with a 2" BL and no trimming. :naughty:
Thanks for posting this Brant. I had a shackle put on and they tighted my torrsion bars can anyone tell me how much that lifted my truck? Also I would like to go maybe 2 more inches than what its at does anyone have any pics of lifted colorados?
Where can I buy a lift kit for my truck its an 05 Colorado Z71 4x4 ls-1?
currently there are no lift kits by major companies. They are still working on them. They have body lifts though. Which would be the easiest way to get 2 extra inchs :bigthumb:
The only two suspension lifts available right now for ANY 4x4 Colorado are a CST 5" kit, or a Skyjacker 4" kit, unfortunately they aren't cheap, the CST is about 1500-1800, and the Skyjacker 1100-1500 depending on where you order. Check out for any more needs, they helped me out a lot when i needed it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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